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Black Heart Society


Black Heart Art encompasses the strength and progression of the great minds and Martrs of our culture. These Art pieces tell a story of history, that is as thought provoking as the music. Each one unique and detailed in its presentation. You can also buy these works in many sizes. Please scroll the gallery and purchase freely !!

In The Vision...jpg

In the Vision Not Division

This piece was created during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic being quarantined and confined to home, we still watched helplessly as Police brutality cases grew to an all time high . Which eventually sparked protests all across America. I named this In the vision of equality and peace not Division because of Race or creed.

The Dream of peace is a Marathon of War

A great Man once said "without Bloodshed there will be no change" We have shed so much blood I have to believe in equal amounts of blood on each side must be shed for change. This Piece depicts a chosen few of our Martyrs who spoke about this unjust country and ultimately met untimely deaths due to their positions and being products of a corrupted environment. 

The Dream of Peace Marathon of War 14 x
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